Mikhail was born in former Soviet Union on the border shared by Europe and Asia. At an early age, he was
inspired by the contrasting views of each continent: Asia contributed to his business-minded and
structured approach and Europe’s fine art influenced his polished style.

born into collapse







As a teen in the early 90’s, Mikhail was exposed to societal chaos and corruption — where mafia and government forces combined. Car bombings, public knifings, and random homicides were daily occurrences. Embedded into his subconscious, these experiences contributed heavily to his dark, avant-garde style photography and art.

Mikhail continued on to university where he received a degree in economics, worked in corporate management, and interned at the District Attorney’s office.





Mikhail moved to Los Angeles when he was 22 — where he developed a strong connection to art, photography, journalism, moving image, and music.  Once immersed in L.A.’s culture and his newfound passions, Mikhail noted the contemporary societal shift toward digital media and creative success in the U.S. This jumpstarted his desire to transform his passion for avant-garde photography, fine art, and conceptual projects, into a career.

Today Mikhail is shooting advertising campaigns and editorials for clientele all over the world, ranging from luxury goods to high fashion. He owns multiple studio shooting locations used by major brands, along with various celebrities and publications. 


I capture my client's vision,

while maintaining focus, structure and detail in each project.
I am a walking contradiction since I operate in both an artistic

AND logical way.